AIRMATE Oscillating Bladeless Fan &amp HEPA Filter Air Purifier

The exposed wire length is 2.0m.

It is recommended to replace the filter in about three months, depending on the actual use, if you need to replace the filter on the machine LED screen will show a reminder.


AIRMATE Air Circulator Portable Table Fan

1. Not blowing directly, more comfortable than ordinary fans
2. Let indoor and outdoor air circulation, to achieve better ventilation and air exchange
3. Large wind pressure and large air volume better directionality, concentrated air volume and farther wind distance
4. With air conditioning can accelerate air convection, so that the room temperature is balanced and more widely applicable throughout the year.
5. Less noise
6. Save space, smaller than ordinary fans, placed on the ground or on the table can be.

Air circulation fan is through the principle of aerodynamics, through a strong concentration of tornado column stirring indoor air, so that the indoor air of different temperatures intermingled and re-formed convection, so that the indoor temperature to balance, without blowing directly at people, long time use will not cause physical discomfort.
The primary role of the air circulation fan is to circulate and clean indoor air, followed by cool relief, winter heating, etc., the use of time can be extended to the four seasons of the year.

This circulating fan in the same type of product performance is very good, the lowest wind gear in the case of noise coefficient of 48.5dB, and the maximum wind gear under the amount of noise coefficient is only 61.4dB, help you sleep peacefully at night.

Airmate Standing Floor Tower Fan

This fan adopts bladeless high-velocity airflow technology. The floor fan for bedroom provides powerful, comfortable, and cool air. It is so quiet that you hear nothing in "Sleep Mode", bringing you great sleep all night long.

Yes, a short duration after adjusting the wind speed and mode, it will automatically turn off. This tower fan is designed to automatically shut down the screen after 30s of inactivity.

Make sure to disconnect the appliance from the mains by switching it off and removing the plug from the power outlet before cleaning.
Use only a soft cloth to gently wipe the outer surface of the fan clean.
To clean between the grills, we recommend using a pipe cleaner, a flexible dust wand, a vacuum cleaner or compressed air to gently remove dust.
DO NOT immerse the fan in water and never allow water to drip into the motor housing.
DO NOT use gasoline, paint thinner or other chemicals to clean the fan.
For storage, you may leave the fan assembled and covered to protect it from dust. Store the fan in a cool, dry place.

AIRMATE Air Circulator Standing Floor Fan

Air circulation fans are used for circulating air in rooms and buildings, for cooling people, materials, or products or for exhausting a room. Fans, while they do not act as an air conditioner, it can provide a breeze effect which can help to provide a cooling breeze. It is important to remember that a fan is not designed to cool a room by itself, but in conjunction with an air conditioner can help to expedite the process.

Our fan can be easily taken apart and cleaned. You only need to drive out the screw at the bottom of the circulation fan front guard and rotate the front guard counterclockwise, then you can easily remove the circulation fan blades and clean it.

Before disassembling the circulation fan guard, make sure that the product has been powered off.

No. But you can change the angle.